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Items for sale

Following a spring-clean of the workshop I have selected a number of items no longer needed. Some are the unused remains of product runs, and others are simply surplus to requirements. If you are interested in any of the items shown below, please me for more details or to make offers - you will notice a complete lack of prices, as items only have value when wanted.

This list will change over time, so you would be wise to browse periodically.

Barrel organ keys

These keys were made for the 2Rs Gavioli to a pattern based on an original. They were laser-cut from 1.25mm sheet steel. I have six of these keys as pictured, plus four with hardened tips and mounted on wood blocks, two of which are fitted with adjusting screws. I also have one of the better-preserved originals, also with adjusting screws.

Keys, Standard Gavioli style

I have 70 of these keys, all unused. They are drilled with 2mm pivot holes and action holes below their tips for fitting Limonaire-style 16swg action wires. The horizontal distance between tip and pivot hole is 154mm. The action-wire holes are divided at 9 and 14mm from the tips, for mounting between two rows of touch-boxes. All have their tips hardened, and are unused.

Key-frame Leaf Springs

Double-ended springs: 20mm wide x 1.4mm thick.

8 at 225mm long
4 at 234mm long
5 at 240mm long

Single-ended springs 22mm wide:
29 at 1mm thick x 146mm long
16 at 0.8mm thick x 143mm long

Traditional Chest Pallets

These unused pallets are all made from seasoned maple and grooved for springs. The leathered ones are fitted with 1mm thick brown leather with 30mm long tails for fitting.
16 available at 105mm long x 17mm wide
36 available at 90mm long x 17mm wide

Plain pallets:
59 available at 60mm long x 17mm wide

Felted Wood Buttons

These buttons (source unknown) have been languishing in a box in the workshop for years, waiting for an opportunity to be used. Would you like to make their day? I have 160 of them at 10mm diameter x 13mm deep. They have holes for fitting with threaded wires or small screws.


A set of two beech castanets (only one shown), ready for threading together.
Overall length: 175mm.

Contact Blocks

Unused Kimber-Allen contact blocks with silver wires. Overall length 57mm:
2 available with 6 wires (9mm wide)
30 available with 4 wires (7mm wide)