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Street organs

The kind of street organ pictured on the left above is the Dutch organ - this one is "de Harmonica", usually found on the streets of Den Helder. They are quite large organs with highly decorated façades. Very few are still hand-turned, most being driven by small gas or petrol engines. These organs are designed to play TO the public - gently serenading. Their pipework usually features an undulating pair of "bourdon" ranks, alternating with "violins".

By contrast, the "German" kind of street organ pictured on the right above is usually very small and hand-turned, sometimes called "monkey organ". Some feature trumpets for dramatic effect in the music. The one shown here is my own 32-keyless organ, playing in Stony Stratford High Street.

The four models of street organ I built from scratch are detailed here - see the green buttons above.

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