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Restoration of the ex-Irvin's Marenghi


While the baritone case was being decorated I worked on the glockenspiel units. The actions had been taken apart and cleaned out. The steel bars had already been freshly chromium plated. The main motors are unique to Marenghi organs in that their valve action is contained internally, like bass-drum motors, but in miniature. These needed complete dis-assembly. The valves were re-leathered, the springs were renewed, and the assemblies re-built. The motors themselves were re-leathered with the inclusion of new card ribbing.

The steel beaters were fitted onto their mounting rails after being given a coat of red Hammerite. They were held by pairs of small brass clamps and screws. One of the clamps was missing, having been replaced by a simple washer. I made a replica, including the intricate decorated shape on one end.

I couldn't wait for the baritone case to be finished, so arranged with Colin for me to work on it in his workshop, and the glock units were fitted into it. These units cannot be pre-assembled, but fitted into the case bit-by-bit.

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